COMET Lab, short for COnvergent Media and Exploratory Technologies, is where creativity meets technology. an innovative applied research laboratory within the Department of Human-Centered Computing at the Luddy School of Informatics and Computing, IUPUI. We are a collaborative hub where faculty and students unite to create web, mobile, and interactive media solutions for a diverse range of projects.


Our mission at COMET Lab is clear: we are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and convergent media. We bring together a talented team of undergraduate and graduate students to work on diverse projects, ranging from application development to UI/UX design and website development. Our goal is to drive innovation and create solutions that make a difference in the world.


At COMET Lab, we envision a future where technology and media come together seamlessly to enhance the human experience. We aim to be at the forefront of pioneering technologies and design, offering our expertise to a wide array of projects. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change, not just within our campus but also in the broader community, by developing solutions that are both practical and visionary.


Robert Skipworth Comer

Robert Skipworth Comer, M.S.

Robert “Skip” Comer is the driving force behind COMET Lab. As a coordinator and leader, he brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to the table. With a background in multimedia applications, commercial photography, and user interface design, Skip is dedicated to empowering students and fostering a culture of innovation within the lab. His guidance and leadership inspire our team to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of technology and media.